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Terms & Conditions


Selling digital currencies to Bisettle

When you offer digital currencies to Bisettle you agree to the following conditions:

  1. The sale concerns digital goods (digital currencies) without a fixed or verifiable value. When selling you agree to the value of the digital currencies that Bisettle determines at that moment. You are aware of the fact that the value of the bought product can fluctuate.

  2. You will send your digital currencies to the coin address provided by Bisettle. We can process the payment when all the digital currencies have been received and the transaction(s) has/have been confirmed by the network.

  3. Digital currencies must be received within 20 minutes after initiation of the sales process, otherwise we will have to return them to you without payment.

  4. Payouts are done every business day shortly after noon (12:00 ECT). The payment will therefore be offered to your bank no later than the first business day after your digital currencies have been received. Bisettle has no influence over any delays caused by the bank.

  5. Bisettle reserves the right to return digital currencies. For example, when the transaction has not been confirmed by the coins network within a reasonable time (2 hour). In order to prevent this from happening you will need to include a transaction fee that is sufficient for the miners to include the transaction in a block.

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  7. Providing accurate information (digital currencies and payment information) is your own responsibility. Any damages incurred by providing inaccurate information cannot be recovered from Bisettle.

  8. When amounts are returned to our bank account, for example when inaccurate information has been entered (IBAN/swift, account holder), a 50 euro administration fee will be deducted from a new payment order.

  9. You declare that no input tax has been deducted from the offered digital currencies.

  10. You declare that the offered digital currencies have been obtained in a legitimate manner and that you have no knowledge of a possible illegal origin of the digital currencies.
  11. Bisettle only accepts digital currencies that are shown on the page. If you accidentally send another cryptocurrency to one of our addresses during a sell order, we will charge you 200 euros if you wish to recover those coins from our wallet. Bisettle cannot guarantee that every coin is recoverable from our wallet.

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  13. You declare to be the holder of the provided account number and that you have truthfully entered all required information.

  14. When no payments can take place as a result of non-observance of these conditions, the digital currencies to the value of the payout amount will be returned according to the Bisettle purchase price at the time of the return.

After receiving your digital currencies Bisettle is obliged, when you meet the above mentioned conditions (i.e. when we have received them with at least one confirmation by the coins network), to perform one of the following actions.

  1. Payout of the amount in euros or usd agreed on the provided withdrawal method , if the conditions have been met.
  2. Restitution of the sent digital currencies to the provided coins return address, in case there are unusual circumstances or when the conditions have not been met.

Bisettle will strive to perform this action within one business day, or at least within two business days. If Bisettle has failed to carry out the appropriate action, the seller is given the right to reclaim the digital currencies including a transaction fee (maximum 3%). This is only possible if the payout has not been executed and does not apply to a force majeure situation.

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