Same Day Payout is now available for everyone, no extra charge.

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Same Day Payout

Bitsettle is the only platform in the world that allow you to receive your funds the same day.

Learn how you can receive your funds today without any extra charge.



In order to receive your funds the same day you will need to complete the sell order and withdraw request before 12 PM (CEST) Amsterdam Time (11:00)


How it works:

1. In order to receive your funds you first need to complete a sell order learn here how to sell your digital currencies.

2. When the network confirmation is completed your Bitsettle account is instantly funded
with USD or EURO

Not sure how late it is in Amsterdam google: "Time in Amsterdam, The Netherlands" ;)

3. You can now withdraw your funds by clicking on "withdraw", select your receiving/withdrawal method and confirm the withdraw request.

4. That's all you need to do.

More details:

- Same day Payout is only available on European banking work days.
Closing days

- Same Day Payout is available from Monday till Friday. Withdrawal requests on Saturday and Sunday will be processed and paid on Monday.

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